"CAIR"   Sparkling wines

The well known natural sparkling wine is produced from specially selected grapes of the fine local variety  Athiri  which is cultivated in the island of Rhodes.

After the strict selection of grapes follows the use of the traditional method identical to the method of the champagne. The product is left to ferment and mature in the bottle for a long period where the a distinct taste is attained as the French champagne.

CAIR is produced in both Demi Sec and Brut and bottled in 200ML, 750ML and 1,5L.It is distinguished by its bright yellow color with honey and fruity aromas with a dominant apricot.

It has a  rich and full taste with a strong refreshing character due to the fine and continuous flow of its bubbles which offers an impressive freshness to the mouth with rich body and a long aftertaste.

Served  chilled  at 6-8°C  accompanies delicate starters and seafood (Brut) or fruit and cakes (Demi Sec).


Boheme  is  a natural sparkling  white  wine  produced  from  the fine local grape variety  Athiri .

Is produced under the method Cuve Close where the wine is fermented in specially designed high pressure tanks where the carbon dioxide is produced naturally. The natural sparkling wine is bottled and left to mature for a small period of time.

Boheme  is produced in both Demi Sec and Brut and bottled in  750ML. It has a bright yellow color and an aroma, reminding of fresh fruits,  with  a refreshing taste  and  lasting  aftertaste.

Served  chilled  at 6-8°C  accompanies starters and seafood (Brut) or fruit and cakes (Demi Sec).  



Cair ROSE brut 1990 is a splendid collective, natural sparkling wine, produced from the joint vinification of grapes from specially selected vineyards of the red Mandilaria and the white Athiri.

Its sparkling elegance, progressed through the time and it needed 10 years of maturation for the integration of its satin finesse feeling, with the discrete rosy color and the aromas of red fruits and roasted almonds, proving its stylish maturity with a coffee fragrance finale.

Served chilled at 6-8°C  accompanies harmoniously roasted meat, fruits and cakes. It was awarded with an “Olympic” medal in the international competition IWSC 2000, the highest award ever accredited to CAIR in its long productive course.  
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